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Frederic was terrific. Bill will win, won't he? My sister is bugging me. Do you know where Giles is now? I expect that as well. Deirdre kept on walking even though he was in pain.

Conrad could be in danger. I'm going again tomorrow.

You miss your wives, don't you? That's a real one from a top brand. It's not a competition. I'll try to keep her distracted. Dan made the assistants laugh with his comments. They admire your courage. Please don't let go of my hand. It'll be over soon. Gregg didn't fool me. Would you like to wait in the room?

Few books of this character have come to my attention.

I don't know much about your family. Think about what you did. There are many words with meanings I don't know. I foolishly interpreted the idiom according to its literal sense. I thought you wanted me to handle it.

The two families live under one roof. During the morning of March 20, 2015, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the Faroe Islands, located northwest of Scotland, and the Svalbard Islands, located east of Greenland. Hold your breath and pinch your nostrils. I got a rash on my hands from dishwasher detergent. This is a sensitive issue. Is the dog chained? They were living in Nagoya then. Jeff felt dazed for a moment. I'm responsible for them. Was everything satisfactory?

People in every walk of life go to church. Since Prakash and Ben can't have children themselves, they have adopted a little girl. You must fulfill your promise without fail. Christian appears to be looking for someone. Translation is the paradigm, the exemplar of all writing. It is translation that demonstrates most vividly the yearning for transformation that underlies every act involving speech, that supremely human gift. This is a killing machine. Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.

She's paid her dues working there for years. We did everything for the welfare of our children. I was in the right place at the right time. Our professor has a good reputation. I don't want tea. Some people tried to dig the treasure out, but they couldn't. The car raced past the farm.

The rain is finally clearing up. Everyone knows everyone else.

We are all in daily pursuit of happiness. Were you able to pass the test? They also raised animals for meat and milk. Pierette kept reading the book. I think you've done a wonderful job. I think that a new fruit drink will go over big during the summer. It was a confusing time.

I can feel it in my heart. The Democrats blamed the Republicans, and the Republicans blamed the Democrats. Are you still playing tennis? I was surprised I didn't see him in the hospital when I went to visit you. The Earth is thicker around the equator. He has queer ideas. Darrell is doing very well today.

We were talking about him when he appeared. Corn is the most highly subsidized crop in the United States. Her face was white.

Can any of us speak Spanish? Judging by her expression, she looked worried. Show more details. I'll work for you as long as you keep paying me this well. What is the name of this bird? Pravin said he didn't have a plan. Jitendra has lived here for a long time. You must be a good walker to have walked all the way.

Don't watch those shows. We have to be cautious, too.

I've asked myself that question a thousand times. All this could be for nothing. This morning was tough. The dog has a keen scent. Read first the best books. The important thing for you is not how much you know, but the quality of what you know. Julian seems genuinely confused. Brooke may need a new house. Pick up the phone. What's past is past. I have cookies for breakfast every day.

He lived in a small town nearby. Are you seriously thinking about having a baby? The two of them got back together. Mason is usually a stickler for the rules. Drink something. Give her this picture.

This seems risky. I have to get them to a doctor. Briggs wants to learn more about Trey. When I see him, I think of my grandfather. Do we have a deal here? Mr. Brown has four children. He avenged his friend on them. I wanted to get my mind off work.

You're the smartest person I know.

Don't make faces. Let's not deal with that problem right now. Cyrus is quite absent-minded and sometimes forgets to pick the kids up from school. I farted in class and the teacher threw me out. Naren killed Jack in self-defense.